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Eco-Aqua® – an energy-saving and water conservation product that is 100% manufactured in the United States by Green Lantern, LLC. As citizens of the planet, we strive to protect the environment by saving energy and conserving our water supply.


The average household WASTES 11,000 gallons of water PER YEAR while waiting for hot water to arrive at the point of use! WATER is now the world’s THIRD most precious commodity! Our system provides IMMEDIATE HOT WATER at point of discharge WITHOUT A PUMP or electrical requirement. Why not SAVE MONEY and CONSERVE our precious water at the same time?

Eco-Aqua® is a "green product" that conserves energy and preserves our precious water supply. Eco-Aqua® takes the WASTED ENERGY from A/Cs or UTILIZES FREE solar energy with NO pump and NO electrical requirement which INCREASES the efficiency and lifespan of the A/C compressor.

Eco-Aqua® will produce 65 GALLONS OF HOT WATER PER HOUR, raising the ambient temperature 65° F and REDUCING the end-user’s electrical COST BY 20%! Call us today to find out more!


  • The most unique feature of the Eco-Aqua® System is that it takes wasted heat from air conditioners and uses a simple, passive thermosiphoning system that requires no pump or electric wiring and virtually no maintenance.
  • When the air conditioner is operating in the A/C or Heat Pump Mode, heat is carried through refrigerant lines to the Eco-Aqua®System. If no a/c is available, then an optional 4’ x 10’ SOLAR panel will carry heat through the copper tube to the Eco-Aqua® .
  • The thermosiphoning circulation allows a slow and gentle flow of water between the tank and the Eco-Aqua® System that maintains temperature stratification in the tank. With a thermosiphoning system, the water flow is not turbulent, very little mixing occurs, and the hottest water is always available for use at the top of the tank.
  • The hottest refrigerant tube is connected to the hot water riser tube. This connection of tubes assures that whenever the refrigerant system is running, the hottest water (with the greatest buoyancy) in the thermosiphon loop is always at the bottom of the vertical riser tube. This guarantees that the hot water flow will always go up the riser into the top of the tank, and never stagnate or flow in reverse.
  • This energy-saving heat recovery unit will generate approximately 65 gallons per hour of hot water raising the ambient temperature of incoming water by an average of 65° F when the air conditioner is running.



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